OMG! No way!?

Ready to pop! Omg sleeping is so uncomfortable not to mention I wanna meet my babybear!!!!!!! Terrified of labor but oh so ready!!!

33 weeks! Omg I’m ready. Mr.Taylor Jay is ready to party

28 weeks! Omg entering third trimester! Eeeek! So excited! Moving into new place in a few weeks! 2012 getting started right! Wahoo!



27 weeks preg and feeling great


Baby is kicking
Holiday hours are in full force..
My back hurts a little more than ever and I’m gaining weight like a real live pregnant person!

Feeling baby bear kicking from the outside! Not gonna lie, shit is exciiiting! Aside from that, my back pain is getting redic..worked the grove LA glitter and ice event and still feel as though I haven’t recovered :/ but noticing significant belly gain!!! Baby bear is gonna be a strong little muffin!